Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where has the time gone? It seems like I just posted on here, but it's been 20 days since my last post. But, since not much has happened, nothing has really been missed.

Bill had a good report from Dr. Burnett on the 8th. Didn't feel the need to make any changes to his meds. He scheduled his next cath for Oct. 5th. The transplant team has also scheduled Dr. Garrett's nurse practitioner to visist while he's in the "resting" stage of the cath and his labs are going to be drawn then, so we're getting all of the October stuff done on the same day. This is good since we have to be at the hospital at 5:30 in the morning!

We did have a little glitch yesterday. Dr. Lan's office called and wants Bill to come in today. This is the doctor what did the pacemaker implant. He had released Bill in either November or January, I can't remember which now. Anyway, we aksed if there was a problem and the girls calling didn't know, so we are going down there this afternoon.

I have noticed a couple of time now in the night Bill makes a loud gasp and I wonder now if it is something to do with the device firing or the defective lead malfunctioning. The sound is loud enough to wake me, but he doesn't stir. When I mentioned this to him yesterday (and he had done it Sunday night) he had no idea about it. I guess we'll fine out this afternoon if it has something to do with why Dr. Lan wants to see him.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

We're still looking through the hundreds of trials, with not much success. Some of them want you to be as healthy as anyone else, others don't want you if you're on the transplant list, and others want you only if you are so sick nothing else can be done. It's just a very time consuming process.

Today is our 19th wedding anniversary! it seems like it was just yesterday, but at the same time it seems like we've together forever. I guess that means it was meant to be.

Bill has gotten his dream car. We got a 2002 Thunderbird, white, hard-top convertible. The best part is....only 8550 miles on it! That's right I have not left off a number. It was one of the first ones ordered and it was the first one purchased here in town. The only reason the guy sold it is because he wants a new Camaro! The grandkids can't wait to ride in it, one at a time of course since it's only a 2-seater!