Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rain, rain, rain. It's been raining most of the time since Thursday night. Really started in yesterday afternoon with heavy thundershowers. No storms, but thunder and lightning. It did make for some good sleeping, but it makes us want to be lazy.

Our new furniture was delivered Tuesday afternoon and I really like it. I was beginning to think we were going to have to send it back because me legs and behind kept going to sleep. But, I think my body just wasn't used to furniture with support!

We've made it to another grandchild's ballgame. McKenna lost her first game, but she and Kayden both won their games Thursday night. McKenna even scored by sliding in to home!

Our hotel reservations are made for our trip to Florida. Leaving here Friday morning. We'll arrive Saturday and then have Sunday free. We're going to try to visit with our friends Abner and Faith on Sunday, and I found out that our friends John and Cindi WILL be there at the same time so we'll try to see them too.

Bill has had a good week. He's gotten so that he just wants to sit and work his puzzle book. He's only been on the treadmill once in the last 2-3 weeks, and that's because I told him he will fail the treadmill test next week at Mayo and they won't like that. I can't force him to do it and I don't know what else to tell him to make him want to do it. If the rain ever stops, and the weather get warm and stay warm we're going to start walking in the park, or the cemetary in the mornings while it's still pleasant.

The pollen count has been very high here lately and we are both sneezing. My allergy meds aren't doing much good and I had to break out the inhaler yesterday afternoon. Other than sneezing, Bill hasn't been affected too much.

That's all for this week. It's been a boring and uneventful week! Oh yeah, next Friday, May 3 is Bill's "re-birthday". Doesn't seem like it's been a year and yet it's sometimes easy to forget that he's had the transplant. Of course then when we deal with all of the meds it wakes us up to it again!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Another week has come and gone. It was a relatively quiet week, although productive for us.

Ball season started for the grandkids with Kayden starting first. The weather was nice and warm and dry. His team lost and he was upset by some missed plays, but he didn't do any worse than the other little boys. He also played last night but we didn't make it to that one.

The nice weather left us by Thursday and we had rain and a 30 degree temperature drop. We went from open windows and wearing shorts and tank tops to turning the heat back on and wearing sweats again. It was still cold and windy by game time last night which is why we didn't go.

McKenna has a game Monday and Thursday nights this week and Kayden plays Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Then, on the 29th Kiyann starts T-ball games! We don't know Brianna's schedule yet as they have to see when the high school games will end first. We already know that there are some nights when McKenna, Kayden and Kiyann all play on the same night at the same time. At least Bri's games will always start at 8 and McKenna's will always start at 6. But Kayden and Kiyann have so many teams in their leagues they have two different start times. If we make 1 game for each of them we will be doing good!

While Bill and Ron went out together the first part of the week, I vacuumed and damp mopped the hardwoods and today we were very productive. Bill has been working in the laundry/computer room. He did quite a bit in there again today while I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. We then worked in the living room to get ready for the new furniture to be delivered Tuesday. We rearranged a little and cleaned out the drawers in the coffee table that we're giving to Ryan. He and his dad are hopefully coming to get the old furniture Monday night, otherwise we will just slide it into the dining room. The area the new furniture is to go in has to be ready for placement when it's delivered.

That's about it for us this week. Just settling into normal daily routines and life. We are getting ready to head back to Florida in a couple of weeks. I'm not really looking forward to it but it has to be done. Hope everyone has a good week!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Finally! Spring has put in an appearance in Arkansas and it has made both of us feel much better!

The baptism service was wonderful last week and it was good to cry for a good reason. We all went out to eat afterwards and "the youngun's" all left first so we just visited with my ex and his wife. He and Bill compared some military experiences and it was an enjoyable afternoon. We were both tired and glad that we weren't having evening services.

With the weather warmer and the sun shining we both felt energized. Bill and Ron cleaned out the garage and Bill even mowed the yard! We have a lawn service, but Ron wanted to treat both of our yards for moles and needed to cut the grass to do that. Since it wasn't the day for our service to come, and we didn't know if they would come this week or not, he brought his riding mower over. He started mowing and then Bill got on and mowed at least the backyard. I was busy in the house so didn't pay a lot of attention, but I think it made him feel useful again. We also took the hardtop off of the Thunderbird so it's ready to go for the summer.

Bill has had mostly good days mentally this week. I think the weather has also helped with that. We've had some good talks about various things and not just memories. We've talked about things we want to do with the house and about the kids and grandkids. I've gotten so that I can tell by his face if he is having a good day or a cloudy day. Now if we could just get his leg cramps under control. He's staying hydrated now and has even said that he's really trying to drink more, so I don't know if his electrolytes are out of whack or what it is. I've gotten him some bananas and that has helped some so maybe is potassium was low.

We did have some storms this week and we lost power in the night. I woke up right after it went off when the ceiling fan quit! The bedroom got hot fast. We both got up and I opened the front door to let some air in. It was only off for about an hour. I'm so glad that Bill doesn't have the LVAD anymore. If the power had gone off with that we would have had to switch him back to battery power and then I would have braved the weather to switch over to the generator. We didn't use the generator this time but would have switched over if the power had still been out by the time morning arrived.

Bill got a phone call from the heart clinic in Memphis telling him that his pacemaker monitor needed to be upgraded. When he told them he didn't need it anymore they were quite surprised. They have been getting reports from Mayo throughout the process, but this was a different section and she didn't have any idea that he had had the transplant. We're waiting on a callback for an appointment since that was one thing Mayo wanted that we hadn't gotten done yet.

Next week starts baseball and softball games. We have 4 grandkids playing this year, 2 in baseball and 2 in softball. The baseball schedules are set but not softball. I am color-coding the calendar with the games. We are already seeing some conflicts and when we throw the softball games in we'll be doing good to get to 1 game for each of them. But, we enjoy watching the kids play. The pollen will kill me along with the cool night air and we will have to slather sunscreen all over Bill. We probably shouldn't eat ballpark food either, or at least Bill probably shouldn't so meal planning will be a challenge.

This was a milestone week for me as well. I did my last set of books. I had decided that I was turning the bookkeeping over to the office after this quarter. That let them get through tax season. So, I finished the quarterly reports and let the clients know. I had been doing those books for about 15 years, so it was a little sad to let them go. But, it was getting harder and harder to make myself do them and I was afraid that I was going to start making mistakes that would be costly. I'm going to go in to the office the first time they are converting to their program and show them the little quirks that each client has to make the transition easier. Of course, I gave the client the option of finding another bookkeeper if they didn't want the office to do them. I hope they don't, but it's their decision.

I guess this is all for this week. I hope everyone has a great week.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Where to begin? This has been a crazy week, it seems. As soon as I got our Easter ham in the crockpot the stomach bug that Emily had earlier in the week hit. Bill got ham sandwiches for Easter dinner! But, it only last about 24 hours and I started taking meds as soon as it started so we were able to have our Easter dinner on Monday.

Our weather again was ugly, cold and rainy. Wednesday was cloudy and cold and windy, but we went to Jonesboro to shop for furniture. Bought a really pretty sofa and loveseat. All of it reclining. We had noticed that we were both nearly laying down on the sofa now so decided to go for it and get the recliners. They will be here toward the end of the month. Ryan is going to take our old sofa and loveseat. We keeping the recliner and chaise lounge.

Thursday I woke up with a very strange sore throat. It didn't hurt to swallow, but it hurt to turn my head and to touch. And, it's not my neck but my throat. As the day wore on the worse I felt and ended up sleeping on the couch to stay away from Bill. I also couldn't get comfy in bed. Em checked with her drs. and they said if there was no fever to take Aleve or Advil since they both have an anti-imflammatory. I've felt better the last 2 days but my throat still hurts some. I probably have tonsilitis. And yes, even though I'm almost 59 years old, I still have my tonsils!

The sun has finally decided to shine and today we both had lots of energy. Bill and Ron worked on the generator, getting it ready before the summer storm season starts and I cleaned and made a Walmart run.

Poor little McKenna, our granddaughter, got hit with the stomach virus yesterday morning and she got the full thing. Didn't start keeping anything down until late last night. She told me today she was very weak. She started feeling better this afternoon so I think she's over the hump with it too.

Tomorrow is a very big day for us. McKenna and Ryan are both going to be baptized! We're all going to church together and Ryan's dad and step-mom are also coming. It will be strange to be with them, even though we get along well. But tomorrow would have been our 40th anniversary, so to spend it with an "ex" will be different!

I realize these last few posts have not had much to do with Bill. He's still doing quite well. When we were shopping this week, he bought a book on learning to play the piano. For some reason he doesn't want me to try to teach him. Anyway, he was going to sit at the piano when I went to Walmart today. It will be good therapy for his hands and he said his left hand was really hurting after using it so much. He does seem to want to only sit and watch TV and it's getting harder for me to come up with ideas to engage him in something.

A young man we know had a successful kidney transplant Thursday night/Friday morning and is doing quite well. And, the friend of a young woman here in town died suddenly Thursday from a brain aneurism in Shreveport, La. He was an organ donor and it makes me wonder if Steven got Ian's kidney. We'll probably never know.

April is Nation Organ Donation Month and if you aren't an organ donor, I encourage you to do so. It doesn't cost anything, doesn't hurt, and only takes a couple of minutes of your time.

All for this week, I've rambled on long enough! Be blessed!