Monday, February 10, 2020

Ok, the showdown is over and we compromised. She's still concerned that he is breathing so fast, but his sats are good. I told her this is just something he does and I didn't think going back on the vent would benefit him and she agreed. She did ask if he had ever taken anything for anxiety and I told her he had taken xanax in the past and at what dose. She's ordering that to start immediately and he's going to stay on CPAP today and go to trach collar tomorrow. We agreed that he has lost every bit of progress he had made, even from ICU.

Most of you know that I hate confrontation and was really dreading this, but it went well and I stayed very calm. Now I just want to go throw up!

Bill didn't get his Seroquel until 11 last night. The pharmacy was late sending it. I got here early enough to talk to the night nurse and she said he did have a good night once that came. She's said he had gotten a little agitated in the evening, but now the xanax should help with that.

His new IV must have blown at some point after I left yesterday. But it was not documented. So now they have to try to find a new site.

He's been asleep off and on this morning but since he got the med so late it's not surprising.

That's it for now. I'll update later for the rest of the day!

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