Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bill and I are feeling as exhausted as new parents! Sometimes we have wondered why we ever let Miss Kitty Cat into the house!

She came home from the vet Tuesday afternoon and made herself right at home. She used the litter box and hasn't gotten into anything she shouldn't. She did try helping me cook the first night and I don't think she's been back onto the kitchen counter. She's made a couple of trips on top of the dining room table but only once while we were getting ready to eat. I was pleased when she used the litter box for both, but Thursday morning she didn't use it for #2. She went in front of the dryer, far enough away from the box that it wasn't an accident. I took it that she was just going to be very picky and needed to have the box emptied every time, but she hasn't used it for #2 since. She always goes in the basic same place, even if the box is clean. So, more research on what to do about this and if any of you have cats, any and all advice is welcome.

The first couple of nights she was not happy when we went to bed and if we get up to the bathroom it takes quite a bit to be able to get back to the bedroom. Last night she didn't even move when we went to bed and I was up once and she didn't even move, but when Bill got up at 4:30 for the bathroom, there she was. I think it's because he closes the bathroom door loudly and I just pull it closed. She was also meowing at 4:30 the morning before. It's hard to go back to sleep, especially since the birds start in about that time. I think that is also why she starts in, that signifies something in the feral cat world. So that's why we're feeling sleep deprived like new parents. It also didn't help that Bill wanted to talk when we got back to bed! I finally told him if we were going to talk we were getting up so he quit and went back to sleep. I got up about 7:30, when I heard some meowing and a bell jingle, but feel very tired and headachy.

We don't seem to be suffering from any additional allergies. We're both stuffy this week, but the pollen has been bad and now it's turned very cool from the front that came through last night. Bill has had a harder time breathing and has been coughing more, but I don't think it's anything to be concerned about. 

That's it for this week, didn't have anything else going on, and next week is looking to be pretty quiet too. Hope yours goes well too!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Our electrical problem from last week turned out to be a fairly simple fix and we could have done it ourselves if we had been given the correct information 8 years ago when we had a lot of electrical work done. We had been told when we installed the generator that the apartment, garage and air conditioner were on a new separate panel and not on the panel in the house. The electrician who came Monday tried and tried to find the problem and finally decided to look at the panel in the house. Lo and behold, there was one tripped. It didn't look tripped or even feel wiggly, but that did the trick! He has given us an estimate to have the generator changed from manual operation to automatic. It will kick in within 20 seconds of the power going off. We will also have that breaker changed because it tripped again yesterday just opening and closing the garage door.

We've had a good week otherwise. We took McKenna to counseling again last week and then out to eat. She's our chatterbox and talked the whole time...even after an hour of talking to her counselor! We got home just before dark.

When I went out to feed the cats this week, there was a new one having a drink. This one was a little skittish, but not like the others. It also "talked" to me. I've not heard a sound from any of the others. This same cat was laying on top of the trash can Friday night when I went out to take some fresh water out, and it came to me and let me pet it. Yesterday it was waiting by the back door for breakfast and then came around to the front door and meowed all day. We let it in and it was not scared so it has been around a house before. We've decided to keep it and took it to the vet this morning. It is a little girl and weighs a little over 7 pounds. She has a couple of sores on her and I think she's missing a tooth, but whether it is just a milk tooth or as a result of a fight we don't know. The vet wanted to keep her because she seems to have a little upper respiratory problem. One eye and her nose were a little drippy, just like us! So, she's staying the week-end. She has been taken care of because she got it the carrier willingly and was very quiet and content and let the vet check her out. Once she is well then she'll get started on her shots and get spayed. I had thought that I would name her Reese because her coloring reminds me of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, but I didn't put any name down and they just called her Cat, so that may be her name. We'll have to see! 

So, that's been our week for the most part. I printed/stuffed/labeled/stamped 107 flyers for my 45th class reunion. They still need taken to the post office and I was 3 stamps short so need to get those. Hopefully there will be more of a response to this than the email/facebook class page posts. We'll just have to wait and see. 

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter! 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Welcome to our wonky world! When we were in Florida waiting for Bill's transplant and then during his recovery, I often wished for a "normal" life. And after we got home, we got a mostly normal life, and that gets boring. This week started as normal but it is ending with a bang.

As far as Bill's health goes, everything is normal. No problems at all. That's a good thing! I've had a headache most of the week and yesterday my eyes felt like I was really straining to do anything. I thought that it might just be allergies, because I can tell they are really kicking in, but I'm concerned that it might be my new glasses, although I've worn them for a few weeks now with no problem after the first couple of days. I know our allergy meter is high right now so maybe that's all it is.

I had to take McKenna to ball practice Monday and while we were in the car she pushed the seat all the way back to put on her cleats and....there was Bill's wedding band! He was quite happy to get it back and is wearing it along with the old one that fits so that it won't fall off again until we can get it sized.

Amanda spent the week-end in the hospital and they determined that it was just a nasty virus. At one point they said she was on the edge of becoming septic, so we were relieved that it was just a virus. We saw them Tuesday. They had some paperwork that needed notarized.

We've notice this week that our thermostat has been acting up. It would reset back to the factory settings at different times of the day, usually in the middle of the night. It's been cool enough that we still need the heat at night, although we had a really warm on and had the air on one night, them back to the heat.

Yesterday Bill went out to walk and I was working on some paperwork on the computer and had to reset the thermostat again. Bill came in a little later and asked what happened with the power. Everything was fine in the house, but there was no power to the garage or apartment. We check every breaker and couldn't find anything and Bryan came after work and checked a few other things with no luck. He's coming back today with his meter to check some more. In the evening it got cool in the house and I kicked the temp up a little, but the furnace kicked on. I remembered then that the furnace and air conditioner were on the same panel as the garage and apartment. So, no power there, no power on those. It's still a little cool in here this morning, but bearable. It's going to get pretty warm today, so the house should warm up soon.

If Bryan can't find the problem then I'm calling an electrician Monday morning. Not going to call today, don't need to pay the week-end rate, especially since it's not really affecting the house itself.

We took McKenna to counseling Thursday. Her session was from 4-5 and she had a softball game at 6. It takes an hour for the drive, but I got her to the ballpark with 5 minutes left for her to get to the dugout. She had her uniform with her and she changed in the car, after making Pa promise not to peek! After we got home our neighbors Joe and Barb came over for a bit. We noticed as they were leaving that the handle on the security door was very loose, but none of us could figure out how to get to the screws! So, I had Bryan look at it last night too, and he slid one piece down and there they were! We had all tried to get it to move with no luck! So another honey-do for him! I guess that's what these sons-in-law are for. 

We have recently found out that we had a great-grandchild born last week, and we have 2 more due before the end of the year, one in early October and one in mid-November. I think these will make 18 great-grands!

So, that's been our crazy week. But, baseball has started so that makes it all better! The saga continues and I'll let you know how it all turns out! Have a good one!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

It's been a much quieter week and I for one am glad of that!

I've talked about our unintentional menagerie of cats before. We were pretty much down to the two kittens and an occasional visit by the others. The little gray cat is very curious and shows up at the strangest times. It has looked in the back door when I leave it open to go back out for some reason. We had the front door open the other night and it sat on the front steps looking in. The little black one wasn't quite as curious, but he would also watch. I was able to get within 3 feet of the gray one after feeding them and he/she wasn't quite as skittish as before. All of this to say that last Saturday afternoon the little black one was hit and killed and now the gray one is acting like it's MY fault! It has regressed and I'm really having to coax it out. It is still pretty curious, came out to see what all the noise was when the lawn service finally came and mowed yesterday, but not as bold as before.

Bill has lost his wedding ring. He has lost so much weight, especially in his left hand and arm that it just slid off somewhere and he didn't even feel it. We haven't found it laying around anywhere, or in a pants pocket. I'm thinking that it fell off as he was emptying the smaller trash cans. I got him his older one and it fits him better. We had replaced our rings on our 10th anniversary and that is the one he lost.

He walked on his treadmill some yesterday for the first time in a long time. Hopefully he'll go back out again today. He will at least need to turn the light out! He left it on yesterday and I didn't notice it until it got dark and I looked out the window.

We have no plans for next week, as far as I know. Amanda is having surgery on her back on the 5th. She has some disc/muscle problems. She was admitted to the hospital last night for another problem that has been recurring but no cause can be found. It's sad that she's so young and has so many health problems.

That's about it. See, I told you it was a quiet week! I'm just glad that baseball is starting again! I told my sister I will only answer calls from her on Sunday night, because she will also be watching the Cubs game and we will probably need to discuss the game as it is in progress. Other than that, all other calls will get a rejection message! Sorry, Mom! See you next week!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Good Rainy Morning!

Our week started out so good, and ended badly, at least emotionally.

Monday we drove 3 hours north into southern Illinois and met my sister and sister-in-law, who drove 3 hours south, for lunch. It sounds pretty crazy to drive all that way for lunch, but the town we go to has several nice restaurants and is almost exactly halfway between our homes. We've done this several time to meet my mother, and we usually have a grandchild or two with us, but this time it was an "adults only" time. My brother was unable to come since they had just moved and he didn't want to leave the dogs alone in a strange house for several hours. We were tired by the time we got home and it did take us a couple of days to recover!

While we were on the way home I got a text that Ryan's father-in-law had been admitted to ICU and it was not looking good. He's been ill and in a nursing home for a long time. We stopped by the hospital as we got back in town, only because I saw Ryan and Amanda in the parking lot. They stayed with us Tuesday night so they wouldn't have to drive the hour back home and then back the next morning. I kept them in coffee, replenishing as needed. He passed away either late Thursday night or early Friday morning. I got the text a little after midnight.

The funeral is Monday with the visitation Sunday evening so all flowers had to be done today. Because the church is a little country church, nothing could be sent to the church. I've been to the florist this morning and got an arrangement from us, and Amanda asked if I could get some white roses to be put in the casket at the end of the service. They were out of roses so we settled on carnations, but with baby's breath and some greenery, it is a nice bouquet. They will pick them up sometime this afternoon.

We also had news that Emily's husband had an abnormal EKG yesterday, so he's being set up with a cardiologist in Memphis. The one he is seeing is the first one I saw after Bill's last heart attack. The first words he said were "He's still alive". Although we don't agree on which higher power, we both agreed that a higher power was at work!

Bill has said that he's been tired all week and his appetite has been off some. He said it was just from everything going on the first part of the week, so I hope that's what it is. He said he felt OK other than that. I've got to get him moving some again, or he's not going to move!

I think that's the highlights of the week, hopefully next week things will settle back down some. Have a good week!   

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sorry I'm so late today but I've been very busy...stalking Facebook! I have dealt with a few emails and did make a quick run to Walmart, but the rest of the time has been Facebook. I thought about updating this last night when I couldn't sleep and I guess I should have done that.

The snow last Saturday started mid-morning and snowed all day. It was absolutely beautiful. I have never seen flakes as big as they were when it started. When they became smaller I knew it was going to start covering. We ended with about 2 1/2 inches. It got warm enough Sunday to melt everything, but then it snowed again Monday morning. It didn't stick but then it got cold all week. We didn't get out of the 30s much.

Monday I checked to see if Bill had a schedule for his check-up and he did...for the wrong dates! Of course when I checked it was after hours so I had to wait until Tuesday to call. I called Stephanie and she then transferred me to Kate who was handling schedules before they get to the schedulers. By Tuesday afternoon we had a revised schedule for the proper dates. We start on the first day at 6 am and the last appointment is a 1:15, covering 7 appointments.The next day is easier, only 2 appointments in the afternoon. The last day is a heart cath and we again have to be there at 6. The good thing about the really early appointments is that we will have handicap parking available and not have to valet or walk from the north 40!

Bill's car was ready Tuesday morning. I told Bill to take the back way home instead of going through town. I meant to take the road that is the most direct way to the house without going through town. I was following him and signaled to make the turn but he went straight! We were on the frontage road next to the interstate and we took it until it ended. I think he just wanted to drive the curvy roads! He did fine but the garage door opener was not on the visor. I disarmed the alarm system with my phone and then got out and punched the code in to open the door. We still haven't found the opener, but we also haven't looked for much.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet. Last night we got some storms again, but nothing very severe. There was one clap of thunder that shook the house and we heard lots of things rattling. I walked into the laundry room and one set of shutters was standing wide open! The rattling we heard was the slats shaking. I also saw that the clock had fallen off the kitchen wall. That was really some thunder! We had a couple of brown-outs and the power did go off once just long enough to need to re-set clocks. I had another one of Bill's tanks ready since I wasn't going out while there was so much lightning. We usually don't have much standing water but there was quite a bit in the back yard so we got a lot of rain.

Bill has a strange spell during the night. I think he just swallowed wrong which got him coughing and he couldn't catch his breath. I finally got him to turn on his side and that worked. This sounded different than just needing to cough from the emphysema so I don't know what actually happened. But just the sound woke me.

I'd better get busy and get something done that doesn't require the computer, although I do have a tax return to tweak. But since I have twiddled away the morning, I'd better find something else to do. See you next week!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

This week was pretty tame after the excitement of last week.

I had a text from our daughter-in-law Amanda asking if we would feed them if they came to town on Sunday. Of course, what mother would say no, unless they weren't going to be home! We had a nice visit with them Sunday evening and I sent home a couple of plants and some old canisters and coffee mugs. They match a set that she has.

On Wednesday I called about Bill's car. It was supposed to have been picked up last Monday and we had heard nothing. I was told that they lost the paperwork and had no way to contact us. The number I gave them was the house number, it was in the phonebook, and we've always taken the car there for service so we are in the computer. But, that's neither here nor there. I also called to see if my new glasses had come in and they had, they were just behind in contacting patients. After I picked them up I got and email and a text telling me they were ready! I'm having a hard time with them. I can see, but it sometimes feels like my eyes are straining, especially my left one. This morning I tried putting them on as soon as I opened my eyes and while every once in a while they bother me. I have a very slight headache, but there's also a front coming through and I'm stuffy so it could just be that.

Thursday morning I had to take Amanda to see her neurologist. Bill stayed home and did fine, as I figured he would. I made sure he had eaten and taken his medicine. He had to get up a little earlier than usual to get the meds in. I left at 7, drove the hour to pick-up Amanda then the 45 minutes to the dr. We were only there 20 minutes! Then 45 back to her house and an hour home. I was back between 10:30 and 11! Very quick trip! The car got picked up Thursday afternoon and Bill's been on pins and needles ever since.

The dealer called about the car yesterday morning and to fix everything that they say needs fixed would cost almost $9000! That's right, 9 with 3 zeroes! We talked it over and decided to fix only the major things, to make it driveable again. It will still cost about 3000. I've really been working on him to sell it. My new reason, which he seems to think is right, is that we have enjoyed it and now it might be time for someone else to enjoy it. We won't be taking any long trips in it anymore with all of the oxygen equipment that we have to take so it's only going to be driven around town now. He didn't just flat out nix the idea, so maybe there's hope.

The nurse from our oxygen supplier came by yesterday afternoon and seemed pleased with the way he's doing. He's a very nice man and we enjoyed talking to him.

I've already been to the grocery store this morning since it's supposed to start snowing any time now. It's already rained a little and the temperature has dropped from 41 at 6:15 this morning to 36. There's no reason now to leave the house and I'm going to put on a pot of chili this afternoon.

I think that's it for this week. We don't have anything planned for next week except to pick up the car when it's ready, and that's supposed to be Tuesday. Stay warm and dry today! I think this front is affecting most of the country!