Saturday, August 18, 2018

This has been a busy week, and one with ups and downs. It went very quickly it seems, but with being so busy probably makes it seem that way.

Bill finished his Rocephin shots Sunday, and there hasn't been much improvement. He really needs to be in the hospital and he's just refusing to go. I can't say as I blame him much. I may have said in a previous post that it will be at least 8 hours in the emergency room. They get you back to a room, and we've been there when patients are lining the hallways on gurneys, but generally it's 8 hours before moving to a room, or being discharged. I know there are a lot of logistics involved, but...

Anyway, we were both disappointed at his infectious disease appointment Wednesday. We (I) was hoping that they would give him some IV antibiotics that they have used before in hospital, even sending him home with them if necessary. Instead, they just had him give a sputum sample and gave him a prescription for Levaquin and sent us home. We had gotten there early, and got in early and were leaving the parking lot at his scheduled appointment time. We had prepared for a long day and were home by 1.

He decided on the way home that he wanted to go with me Thursday for my echo, so I called some friends and asked if they would like to go and keep him company in the waiting rooms. They said they would and when it came time to leave, Bill said he didn't feel well enough to go. So, Bambi went with me and Floyd stayed with Bill. It usually takes 1 1/2 hours to get around the city and I always allow 2 hours. This time I had to call and let them know that I was coming but that we were stuck in traffic. There had been a nasty accident on the interstate and it was in the lanes I had to be in. The alternate route would have taken us through a mega construction site and I didn't want that, so we sat for over an hour, inching along. When we finally were moving I told Bambi not to look at the speedometer! We ended up being only 20 minutes late for the echo and it took only 15 minutes. We got to the Dr. appointment 1 minute late.

The end result is...I have a heart and it is working perfectly. I have been cleared for the esophageal dilation and that paperwork was faxed to them that day. So I just have to wait for them to get a date for that. 

Since it was nearly 6 by the time we got home, we decided to get the guys and go get something to eat. We got all the way to the restaurant and Bill decided he didn't feel well enough, so we went through Zaxby's drive-thru and went home. I told him the only reason we didn't go to Memphis that night was that I was just too tired to drive back there! I thought about calling Emily, but I knew she was tired and would have to work the next day, but she said she still has 1 sick day she could have taken and she had taken a short nap before choir practice so she would have taken us.

Bill felt a little better yesterday and decided to go with me to Dyersburg to send that package back to Amazon. It took us forever to find the UPS store, the navigator had it in an empty field and it was at the other end of the highway. Turns out it is inside a bank building. I was only in there 2 minutes and I had my receipt that it had been dropped off and we were on our way home! Fixed us some lunch then off to Walmart to get some groceries.

After that, except for meals, we did absolutely nothing. We watched most of the baseball game and were in bed by 9:30. I had a headache by then so it felt good to lay down. We've finally gotten some rain, over 8 inches on Thursday morning, and another 2 inches in the night that closed the area schools because of flooding and power outages. Some of the major roads were still flooded late yesterday afternoon. That's probably the cause of my headache, and I've had a harder time breathing from the heavy air. I've been complaining about the dirty air and now I'm complaining about the heavy humid air...I need the beach and the sea breeze!

The cats are slowly coming around and tolerating each other. As long as Mousie shows Cat the proper respect by dropping to his belly, or running away when she walks by, the hissing has basically stopped, although he hissed at her yesterday. And yes, it is HE. His little boy parts are starting to show. He got his sutures out Monday and all of that looks really good. Cat got her shots and didn't feel well for a couple of days, but she's getting back to her pre-kitten routine. We've been leaving Mousie out of the kennel and he's done fine so I told Mistie she can take it away. Maybe in another week they will learn to play with each other. They have touched noses and done a little sniffing, but that's it. The kitten wants to be where Cat is and Cat is learning to play more, so maybe there's hope.

Next week should be easier. I have to take Kayden and Kiyann to the eye doctor on Thursday I think, but other than the last 2 physical therapy sessions, there is nothing on the calendar. Bill does go back to Memphis on the 29th and then the month is gone! Moving very quickly it seems.

So, that's been our week. Hopefully the Levaquin will continue to kick in and I'll hear from the gastro dr. about my procedure and we'll both be better. See y'all next week!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

How quickly things change! Bill's cough has not gone away, and Thursday he started coughing up some really nasty junk. I called the infectious disease dr. and they are want to see him Wednesday. His appointment is in the morning so if he needs IV antibiotics, they can infuse him in the afternoon. One of the antibiotics they use takes 4 hours to run and another one takes 30 minutes. Either way, it's going to be a long day in Memphis.

The girls came yesterday morning and drew labs and his white count has gone back up to 15. So, started on Rocephin shots yesterday evening. Home Health is doing them and we saw Ricky for the first time since his emergency gall bladder surgery. So, we had a nice little chat. He'll be back today and tomorrow.

Bill seems to be somewhat better already. He isn't coughing as much, but any exertion sets it off and he's laboring some to breathe. I've bumped his oxygen back up to 3 and he's keeping it on all the time. I've also started giving him some Benadryl to stop his nose from staying so full and that has seemed to help. He had a slight fever yesterday when Ricky was here, but Tylenol took it down. He's staying covered up all the time, and the thermostat is set on 76, which is higher than normal, although I bumped it down some last night before we went to bed. So, there's the update for Bill.

I have my echo on Thursday afternoon, which is another trip to Memphis. But, I'll be glad to get it over with and get the clearance I need for the esophageal dilation. I've been doing pretty well, but the other day I had problems with a sandwich. I've eaten more things that would bother me before, just taking super small bites and eating very slowly. I've found that breaded meats don't seem to cause a problem, but grilled and roasted do. I guess the breading helps for some reason. Anyway, I'll be glad to get things going for that.

Our little 3 legged cat came home from the vet Monday. She's a sweet little thing, likes to nuzzle and she can scamper all over the place. Cat does not like sharing her domain so we're keeping them mostly separate. Cat hisses every time she passes the kennel or the kitten if she's out. She's only swiped at her twice. Of course she doesn't have any front claws and can't hurt her that way. I read an article on introducing a new cat and may try that. And if Cat still can't adjust, the kitten will have to go outside with the rest of her litter, which was my original plan, or we'll have to find a home for her. The vet named her Mousie so now we have Cat and Mouse! They both go back to the vet Monday, Cat for her yearly check and Mousie for suture removal, although I think she's been working on that. She's got 1 place that's been seeping.

So, that's been our week. Hopefully everything will go smoothly next week and we'll both be on the road to better health. I'll let you know!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

This has been a so-so week. Amy did come and draw Bill's labs. I finally called the office Tuesday to get the results and his white count was perfectly normal at 8.1. He had therapy Tuesday and was still coughing a lot and got winded easily. I messaged the dr. with all the info I had, blood pressure good, O2 sat on room air 94, heart rate good, appetite good, no fluid retention, no fever. I knew the Connie was going to be off Thursday and Friday so, if she wanted to see him it would have to be Wednesday. She just said to double his Lasix (he's not on Lasix), and we would start Prednisone again. 

They didn't get those called in until late Wednesday so I wasn't able to pick them up until Thursday. I had to take Kiyann to get her 11-year old shots for school and she has panic attacks with shots. But, the nurse practitioner told me to give her a bear hug and told her to hang on and we got them done, boom boom in the same arm and then she said "that didn't hurt''! Bill was achy when I got him up and he wanted to cancel therapy, so I called Tammy to let her know. While we were waiting to see the dr,, our office called and said that Tammy had called to let them know he had cancelled and the nurse she spoke to called Connie and Connie said she wanted him to go to ER in Memphis to get worked up. After picking up the new meds and getting home, I told Bill what she said, and he refused. He said he didn't want to stay in the ER for 8 hours to find out he had a cold! I can't say as I blame him. But, I called Dr. Burbeck, the pulmonologist, and her nurse said that if she wanted to make any changes to what Connie had ordered with meds, or if she thought he needed to been seen in Memphis they would call back and they did not, so she must have agreed. I did give him some Tylenol Sinus meds and that has been a big help.

Now, generally I would not have gone against the medical advice, but this time I agreed with Bill, that it was just a cold, especially with the change in the weather. Others are suffering with this and Emily has bronchitis. So, I'm comfortable just keeping an eye on him. I did increase his oxygen and he is keeping it on all the time again. I got a little concerned yesterday when I checked his O2 sat and it was only 88 with oxygen. It did finally come up to the low 90s which is acceptable. He was not as winded walking. Last night he woke me about 11:30 telling me he wasn't getting any oxygen. I could feel it coming out against my hand but he kept insisting that he wasn't getting any. So I started checking all the tubing, and sure enough, there was a small split in one of the longer tubes. That's a quick change and he could tell then that it was working. I don't think he woke up again the rest of the night and is still asleep.

Our little kitten can come home Monday afternoon. She had to have the leg amputated. The dr. said that she would be able to be released back to the "wild" but she's not healed enough for that yet. We could leave her longer, until that time comes, or we can bring her in until she's completely healed. We talked it over and decided to bring her into the house. We don't know if she would be able to defend herself and escape from any prey. So we are borrowing a large dog kennel to keep her in. When she was in the house the day that she was captured, there was a lot of hissing going on between her and Cat so I don't know how Cat will do, hence the kennel. We will keep them separate, especially at night, but try to slowly get them used to each other during the day. We had not planned on having 1 cat, let alone 2, and this one may go out as soon as the stitches come out and she's completely healed. We'll just have to see. It may also do Cat some good to have a baby to take care of. She's been wandering the house meowing like crazy.

Ryan told me that Amanda had been acting strangely this week. She had a headache she couldn't get rid of, and then her brother who had been staying with them stole Ryan's truck when they told him he had to find another place to live. This man is 38 years old and wasn't working and was barely helping do anything around the house. Ryan told me that he would mow the yard, but if it got above 85, he was done. Now, this is Arkansas and the average temp right now is 92, so there wasn't a lot of mowing going on. Anyway, I got a strange message from Amanda while I was texting Ryan, and finally got her to agree to getting some mental health counselling. She was telling me that she was dizzy, blurry eyed, bp was high, fatigued, and faint. But, she hadn't eaten for more than 24 hours. I told her she had to eat and she said that she couldn't that it made her sick, but she didn't want them to put in a feeding tube. I told her she wasn't her dad (who had a feeding tube). She also said she just wanted to end all the pain and I asked her if she wanted to put Ryan and the baby through that and she said no. That's when she said she would go to a mental health facility for in-patient care and then left right then for the ER. While at the ER, they said they wanted to check her medically before calling the mental health consult in and found that the aspirin level in her body was sky high. They couldn't figure out why because she doesn't take aspirin, although she was taking Excedrin for her headache, but hadn't taken enough of it for the level to be where it was. They finally figured out that ALL of her medications had aspirin in them and she was overdosing without even knowing it! They did admit her and hopefully the level is as close to 0 as they can get it. Some of the meds she has to have, like her seizure meds. She's supposed to have the consult today, if she is totally clear headed. She now says she wants to come home, but Ryan told her if she started acting like she was, she was going straight back to the hospital. I think the service they are going to use does out-patient counselling too so that may be an option. Ryan does start a new job Tuesday, finally! It's back at the plant he was at last. I told him he HAS to stick with it and support his family, including Kayden and Kiyann, that's his main responsibility. Tori will have to grow up and be a mother to her son and Amanda will just have to get used to Ryan not being there at her beck and call to do everything. He's at the end of his rope and said that he was ready to crawl back into a bottle. He's already beaten that once and he acknowledged that he probably wouldn't climb out of it this time. It's only the thought of the kids that keeps him from doing it.

I still haven't heard anything about the endoscopy, but I have managed to eat with no problems this week, including a steak and a baked pork chop! Just little tiny bites that take an hour to eat. I'll be so glad to eat normally again!

So, we've had an exciting week. I'll take mundane and boring any day! See you next week with the next installment!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Not much news to report this week, just getting back to normal. There were no appointments anywhere for either of us.

Bill is getting used to not having to wear his oxygen all the time, although he forgets to put it on when he gets up for something and I have to remind him. He's finally  off all the antibiotics and steroids. Hoping his blood sugar will start to stabilize and we can dispense with the shots. But, if not, at least we're in a routine with them now.

Our weather changed this week, cooler and a few drops of rain. We are so dry the grass is dying. Rain comes, oh so close, and then bypasses us. The air is so dirty from the farmers in the fields, although all the fields have been burnt now so we don't have to deal with the smoke any more. But, with the weather change, Bill has started coughing again. Johnny the home health nurse heard some crackles again way down in his lungs and I meant to have Emily set up bloodwork for Monday morning but forgot. She won't be in the office this week. She's chaperoning a church youth group trip to Houston for a Fine Arts Competition. But, I can always call and set it up. I just don't know if Amy will come by herself.

I got the results from my esophagram and it is not Zenker's Diverticulum. I have a Shatski's Ring at the bottom of my esophagram that is causing the problem. It could have been there since birth, or it could have been caused by acid reflux. Either way, they are getting clearance from the cardiologist to schedule an endoscopy with dialation and the nurse said that should take care of the problem. This is usually just an out patient procedure and I will have to have a driver and should only have a sore throat for a couple of days. But she said that should solve the problem. I'm still finding different trigger foods. I ate a "pig salad" the other night which is salad greens with chopped pork on top. Salads don't usually bother me, but, instead of the pork which I suspected would be a trigger, it was a bite of tomato. When I was finally able to eat again it took little tiny bites and an hour before I finished. Last night I fixed a pot roast with potatoes and carrots and, again, small bites, chewing very slowly, I was able to eat all of it with no problems. It will be so nice to enjoy food again!

Yesterday was McKenna's 14th birthday and Kiyann's 11th birthday so we went out for our traditional birthday breakfast. Usually we go to Perkins but this time we went to IHOP. We only have a small IHOP Express located in a Love's Truck Plaza so it has a limited menu. But, Kiyann had never been there and the rest of us like it and it's good food, so that's what we did. They through the credit union to get their birthday money (it's what they requested) and then back home.

Kevin came to evaluated Bill for continued physical therapy and he's going to request another 4 weeks. He's still improving but not quite to his goal yet, of being able to be on his treadmill.

That's been our week, just a nice normal week. We don't have any appointments next week either so it should be nice and boring as well. See you then!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

We've have an interesting, but good week!

Saturday evening I looked out the back window and saw one of the kittens limping up to the food bowls. It looked like her/his back leg had been dislocated or broken. I took our extra carrier out and put some food in it trying to entice it in, but it retreated under the house, just far enough that I wasn't going to reach in to try to grab it. Our back neighbor Paul came around his fence on his mower and asked me if I had an injured kitten. When I nodded he said that it had been stuck between 2 boards in his privacy fence and he had to take a board loose to get it out. It made it's way to the house next door with the other kittens and I worried about it all night.

Early Sunday morning Mistie came over and was able to snatch it up and get it in the carrier. She did get bit and scratched a little. We took it to the vet and it was late Monday afternoon before it calmed down enough for it to be xrayed. The leg is not broken, but where it was caught it's being treated as an open wound. They said she has calmed down some and is letting them treat her but she's going to be there for a bit. When she can come home we are going to release her again. Kitty did not like her being in HER house and was hissing. She will probably end up being our outdoor cat.

Wednesday was Bill's appointment with Dr. Burbeck, the pulmonologist and this is the really good part. His O2 saturation sitting with oxygen was 95%, which is what a lot of people maintain, without O2 it was 92%, which, while low, is very acceptable. But, when walking it drops to 87 which is low. His numbers from his Pulmonary Function Test had also improved over February. I haven't pulled all of the tests to compare the numbers, but Dr. Burbeck was really pleased. She said the bronchoscopy was just the thing he needed. So, we can reduce his oxygen flow from 3 liters to 2 liters and while he is sitting, even while eating, he doesn't have to wear his oxygen. He does have to wear it at night and while he's walking, but still only at 2 liters. He was having to turn it to 4 liters when walking. She does want it higher if he should get back to his treadmill which won't be a problem. She didn't hear any crackles or wheezes when she listened to him and wants to see him back in September. This is going to make it much easier to go somewhere, even to a local restaurant. We'll be able to use the smaller tanks more and not have to worry about running out while we're gone.

He's been a lot more active around the house and says he does feel better. A couple of times he forgot to put his oxygen back on before he walked, that will just take some getting used to. I did notice in the night last night that he got up a couple of times and his breathing seemed more labored, but once he took his pjs off, as it felt hot in the bedroom, and he also put extra toilet paper out and had to open a new package. Why he thought it needed done in the middle of the night when it's just the 2 of us here and there was more than 1/2 a roll is beyond me, but who am I to question.

Tammy from physical therapy came yesterday and was very please that he got through all of his exercises at the repeats she wanted with no trouble. He was tired after, but recovered quickly. She comes again next week and then Kevin, the head therapist will be back out to evaluate him to see if he needs extended. We'll also see the nurse for a couple more weeks just to be followed.

One thing that Dr. Burbeck was concerned with was his weight loss. So, I have to push him to eat more. He's done that the last couple of days. A lot of it is empty calories, but he's still eating better for meals now too.

I still don't have any results from my test. I did get an email late last night that they have received the report and I should know something later this week. I'm ready to find out what the problem is. I haven't had any episodes for a few weeks now, but I'm eating things I know won't bother me. I'm tired of casseroles! So, I'm going to cook what I want and just keep trying with small bites and eating very slowly. I ate a turkey cutlet and twice baked potato last night with no problem. So we shall see.

Ryan, my son, has to have his gall bladder removed. Not only did he have his first "attack" this week, he passed his first kidney stone. His dad suffered from kidney stones until he died and everyone in my family, at least all the females, have had gall bladder disease. He sees the surgeon Thursday. I thought that they were doing the surgery Thursday, but it's just the initial appointment with the surgeon.

My nephew's baby boy arrived Tuesday and he's a big one, especially for being about a month early, weighted more that 8 pounds. He is still in the NICU, but improving every day so maybe he'll get to come home soon. He looks just like his daddy!

I think that's all for this week. Maybe we'll have as good a coming week as this one was. Until then, stay cool. These hot days are getting to be a bore!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

We have a culprit! Bill saw the Infectious Disease dr. yesterday, well he saw the nurse practitioner, and we now know what is causing the pneumonia's the pseudomonas aeruginosa virus. It's one of those that takes a long time to grow, and it was found in his right middle lobe of the lung. We probably still wouldn't know what it was if Dr. Munday hadn't agreed with me that he needed the bronchoscopy.

When I told Beverly I would research this virus to learn more about it, she told me not to get to involved with it because it is a nasty virus with 191 variations and the literature would be scary. She did print out the lab findings for me and it lists the antibiotics that are most effective. It showed 2 strains, 3 and 4, and I don't know anything other than that about them at this time. Strain 4 is resistant to some of the antibiotics, but strain 3 wasn't.

He got his labs done before we had to go to Memphis and Emily emailed them to me. His white count is back down to where it was when he was discharged, and even though it is still high, Beverly was not concerned about it. I guess for someone with Bill's immune system, this is an acceptable number. The maximum suggested count is 10,000 and Bill was at 11,600 yesterday, compared to 11,300 at discharge. He was at 14,500 on Monday (it had gone up again from when he had his labs drawn last Friday) so Connie added Rocephin shots again. 

We did have a big snafu with those and I took the brunt of it. When Em called and told me that she was ordering the shots, her nurse Amy was standing right there with her and I told Em to make sure when they ordered the shots to include the Lidocaine and syringes and to have Amy contact the home health people again to do them. I waited until late Monday afternoon and didn't hear anything from home health, so about 4:30 I hauled Bill and the shots up to the office to get one. Connie saw us  there and wanted to know why we were there and I said to get the shot and I heard her tell Amy to make sure they were set up with home health. Tuesday we still hadn't heard anything so took him back up. Connie told me not to bring him back, she would come to the house herself to give the shot if home health didn't come. I was standing next to Amy when she called them and this was the first they had heard of it, so she hadn't called before! We also found out that our nurse, Ricky, was at the emergency room with gall stones and he had emergency surgery Wednesday. But, I digress. I was chewed out again before we left for bringing Bill up for the shot and the more I thought about it I thought "what does she want, she wants him to have the shot but if they don't show up and I don't get them called in time no-one will be there to come and give it, or do I take him out to get the shot". Anyway, later that evening I got a call from the director of home health and he said they had just gotten the orders for the shots and he would be here the next morning himself. That's when I knew for sure that Amy hadn't called them before that afternoon. It wouldn't have done any good for me to have called because they needed the order from the dr.

Johnny came out Wednesday and Thursday and is a really nice guy. He even worked on Bill's horrendous toenails some. I had cut them as much as I could and he sat on the floor with a nail file and worked on them some. He said that when they were still the health department, they would do foot care for patients, but since this group took over they don't allow it. He said he could have sat there all day working on his feet. I've got to get an appointment with a podiatrist to get them cared for before long.

Anyway, back to Memphis. Beverly told us that if he starts feeling bad again to call them and they'll get him in and give him an infusion of antibiotics, or send him home with IV antibiotics. She listened to him and said that he is still a little crackly, but not like he was in the hospital, so he is on the mend from this round. She also said that this bacteria is one that likes to attack people with lung problems, compromised immune systems, and in the hospital. She was surprised that the combination of Levaquain, Doxycycline and Rocephin worked so well in combination, but as long as they work, that's what we'll do. I have to look up the names of the antibiotics on the paper to see what the name brand is for them so I'll know just what they are.

Stephanie called earlier in the week to check on him since they had the notes from the ER doctor who had called to consult, and I think Dr. Shirwanny had also consulted. She just said if Bill wanted to get set up with their lung doctors to let her know. So far, he doesn't want to. I think it's just because he's tired of Drs. right now and the trip does wear him out.

I have noticed that when he's at home, he isn't having any trouble walking from room to room, and when his O2 sats are checked he's in the high 90s. But, to go to the Dr. he can't walk any distance, even slowly, and he starts laboring to breathe. I don't know if it's just because he's out of his normal, or if he's just putting on like his mother was inclined to do. We used the wheelchair yesterday since I didn't know the logistics of the office and he did fine. So, something to watch for.

I managed to get my ID redone Monday. The girl couldn't have been nicer and I didn't need Bill's ID with me since he had signed the paperwork electronically. So that's out of the way for another 4 years.

I had my esophagram Thursday and I still don't have any results yet. It went well and I was home in 30 minutes. I had to drink some fizzy stuff and they told me that it would make me burp, but not to burp. Then there was a really thick "milkshake" that I had to hold in my mouth until the dr. told me to swallow, and the same with a thinner milk like drink. Finally I had to take a pill and it felt like it got stuck. When I showed the dr. where it was hurting he said the pill was actually farther down than that. All the time I was swallowing, he was taking x-rays up and down my esophagus. The table would go from laying flat to standing me up WHILE I WAS ON IT! It was kind of like being on a carnival ride! Hopefully I'll hear something from Dr. Raj early in the week.

Bill sees Dr. Burbeck next Wednesday instead of waiting until his appointment in August, and then we are pretty much done with Drs. as far as I know until my echo in August. That will be nice.

That's been our week. We'll still see home health for physical therapy and a nurse once a week just to eyeball Bill to make sure he is still progressing. Until next week...

Saturday, July 7, 2018

It would have been nice to spend the rest of the week quietly, but it wasn't to be. Even though Wednesday was a holiday, the home health nurse came by to check Bill out and get him going in the system again. It got rather noisy in the evening and even though the neighbors picked up their trash, they didn't pick it up from our yard, and there is bottle rocket debris all over it.

Thursday was my appointment back in Memphis at the gastro dr. I really liked him and instead of going straight for the endoscopy, he's going to try an esophagram, which is like a barium swallow study. Surprisingly it can be done at our hospital so I don't have to go back to Memphis. It's going to be Thursday morning. Bill's regular pulmonologist, Dr. Burbeck called in the morning and wanted to see him before his regular appointment in August. So, he has an appointment with her on the 18th. While I was on my way home from Memphis, Dr. Threlkeld's office called. This is the Infectious Disease doctor. They want to see Bill next Friday to see if the antibiotic is working.  Then, the home health physical therapist came by that evening to re-evaluate Bill. He said he has lost some of the progress that had been made, but that's to be expected.

Yesterday we both had appointments with our regular doctor. Mine went fine and was basically a med check. Bill's white count has gone back up from 11 to 13. She added an additional antibiotic and said he still sounds coarse in the bottom of his lungs. She also added nebulizer treatments at least twice a day and wants him to use his spirometer during commercials to keep his lungs expanding, or we're going to end up back where we were. Amy, the nurse, is going to come out Monday morning to draw labs so that he doesn't have to get out in the heat.

After we left the dr. we headed to Dyersburg. I still haven't renewed my ID card, and we couldn't do it yesterday either. The ID office was closed. So, Monday morning, as early as possible, I'm going back to Dyersburg to get it done. It expires Tuesday and it's a difficult process to get it renewed then. Believe me, I've done this and know how tough it is.

We are both exhausted, although I feel more rested this morning. Bill must too since he was up at 6:30. Guess that's what happens when you don't even make it until 9 before going to bed! Hopefully I'll feel like getting something done around here. The house is a wreck and needs some serious attention. Plus the laundry is overflowing, but we still have clean underwear so it's not panic mode quite yet! Plus, groceries need bought and my car has a recall that needs attended to.

Our daughter-in-law is having surgery Monday to repair a hernia. She is also having an MRI and EEG. They believe that her brain tumor is either growing back or she has an aneurism. She's started having small seizures again, even on her medication.

So, that's been our week. I told Bill that as much as needs done, all I want to do is sit and rest. But I've sat so much that last night my entire body was aching so I know I need to be moving more. The next 2 weeks will have more news from drs. Where has our "normal" life gone? Oh for those days of nothing happening!